The Beginning

J.M.P. was named after Joshua; the first born of the owners. It was in 1993 when the business is born. Mr. Manny and Virgie Valencia spent almost all their savings on their wedding. Fortunately, they decided to keep P2,000 from the P7,000 they received from their principal sponsors and put that amount in a small meat processing business. They never thought that Joshua’s Meat Products (JMP) would penetrate a significant number of stores and households in Southern Tagalog and nearby regions with its longganisa, bacon, hot dog and ham, and other meat products. In the start Mr. Valencia said that he just wanted to bring enough income to his family so they could make both ends meet. But as the years passed, the company grew bigger. JMP now has 7 outlets, having its main plant in Nagcarlan, Laguna. For 19 years now, the company has been manufacturing processed meat goods and satisfying the needs of Filipinos for a quality and budget friendly meat product.

The System

The System that we will try to study is the inventory system of Joshua’s Meat Products. Since this company is still using a manual system, we are thinking of giving the company a system that could help with keeping track of the inventory. We would also want to add some features( if possible) like a tracking system that would track the stocks delivered by the company. We are thinking of making it an SMS activated system so that it would be very convenient for the clients and for the managers to keep track of the stocks.